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New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection (“NJDEP”) regulates the transportation of waste in New Jersey.  This involves a significant licensing process including an A-901 application (including Personal History Disclosure Statements for all owners, officers and key employees and a Business Disclosure Statement, as well as second-level application documents for parent or related companies).

That regulation is now being extended to companies which transport soil and fill.  This may have a significant impact on contractors and landscapers who were not previously required to obtain licensing with the DEP.  Indeed, Governor Murphy signed bill A-4267 into law on January 21, 2020.  This law expands the NJDEP’s regulatory powers to those companies which provide soil and fill recycling services. Any business which transports, collects, processes, sells, stores, or disposes of soil and/or fill recyclable materials must be licensed with and approved by the NJDEP.

The law defines “soil and fill recyclable materials” as:

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Hello, my name is Pauline Young, I am one of the partners here at the law firm of McLaughlin & Nardi and I am here today to discuss solid waste transportation also known as A-901 licensing.

Waste haulers are often surprised to learn of the extent of regulation in the industry in New Jersey.  This is because in most states, waste transporters are not required to obtain a license in order to operate their business. New York City is one of the exceptions to that as well as New Jersey, but in most states, including Pennsylvania and Connecticut there is little to no licensing or registration requirements at all for solid waste haulers.  However, because of New Jersey’s unfortunate history of illegal dumping and related criminal activity, the State has imposed a complex regulatory system to address these issues.

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