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New Jersey property owners are responsible for most incidents that take place on their property. New Jersey property owners are responsible to keep their land free of known or foreseeable hazards, such as wet floors, debris, snow and ice accumulation, and cracks in the sidewalk. This is known as New Jersey’s premises liability law.

A typical example of this is when a New Jersey property owner fails to repair her sidewalk. If the property owner knew or should have known that the sidewalk was in a state of disrepair and failed to repair it; if so, the property owner can be found responsible. Other slip and fall accidents have been found to create liability for New Jersey property owners because of wet floors, improperly secured mats or rugs, spilled substances, bad lighting concealing a hazard, or failure to properly remove snow and ice.

People who have a slip and fall accident on another’s property can quickly find themselves with significant out-of-pocket financial expenses, such as large medical bills, lost wages, and many other financial hardships. However, if you have one of these accidents you may be able to hold the property owner responsible under New Jersey premises liability laws to help cover your financial expenses and receive compensation for your pain and suffering.

All New Jersey property owners have a duty to keep their property safe from any known or foreseeable hazards. However, this does not mean that a property owner is automatically liable for any accident. This is when the experienced attorneys McLaughlin & Nardi attorneys can help.
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