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teachers apple.jpg Because of the high level of public concern over New Jersey’s children, teaching is a highly regulated and scrutinized industry. Not only are teachers required to meet significantly high standards of education and training, and, in most cases, to have specialized knowledge in their field, but they must also maintain a level of behavior and continued education to maintain their teaching certificates.

If a school board terminates a teacher, or otherwise refuses to renew a teacher’s contract, that school board is required, in some circumstances, to alert the New Jersey State Board of Examiners of discontinuation of employment. For instance, a school district is required to report a discontinuation of a teacher’s employment – even if that is due to the teacher’s resignation or retirement – if the teacher is accused of a criminal offense or “unbecoming conduct.”

The Board of Examiners is the state licensing agency which reviews and monitors teachers. IT has the power to bestow, deny, suspend, or revoke a teacher’s license. The Board of Examiners may revoke or suspend a teacher’s certificate if the teacher demonstrates inefficiency, incapacity, conduct unbecoming a teacher or for any other just cause – such as being convicted of a crime. However, the Board of Examiners cannot revoke or suspend a New Jersey teacher’s certificate unless it gives the teacher notice and the opportunity to be heard.
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