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Background: Due Diligence, Purchases and Sales of Business

In the sale of a New Jersey business, buyers normally perform due diligence such as inspecting profits, losses, revenue, expenses, bank accounts, tax returns and financial statements and the like. Contracts for the sale of a business often say that the buyer is not relying on a seller’s representations, but rather only on its own inspections. In many instances, conducting inspections and due diligence may bar recovery when the buyer believed going in to the closing turn out to be incorrect. The question then becomes, what if those mistaken beliefs were brought about by the seller’s own fraud?

Bridals Gowns Not What They Appear

Anwar and Donna Walid were looking to buy a business. Donna had worked at a high end retail clothing store in New York, studied textile design, and obtained a master’s degree in organization and development. Anwar, Donna’s husband, had a degree in electrical engineering and had worked in research and development for Lucent Technologies. They were highly educated people.
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