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stock-photo-19369246-checklist.jpgEveryone should do their best to avoid accidents that lead to injuries such as car, bus, motorcycle, or trucking accidents, a slip and fall accident, or a work related accident – but some accidents cannot be avoided. Once you get into an accident it can be hard to think clearly. You may be injured, stressed, confused, or overwhelmed. It is therefore important to keep a level head and follow the guide below to best ensure that your rights are protected.

Step 1: Report the accident to the appropriate authorities. Typically accidents are reported to the local police department. However, if you are on a state highway in New Jersey, the accident should be reported to the New Jersey State Police. Boating accidents must be reported to the New Jersey State Police, Marine Law Enforcement station in the area where the accident occurred. Work place injuries should be reported to management.

Do not discuss motor vehicle or boating accidents with others involved, this includes the other drivers’ insurance company. Direct any questions to your lawyer. Avoid posting comments on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, etc.

Discuss the accident only with the police during the investigations. All other discussions should be limited.
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