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One of the most difficult problems in New Jersey construction law for contractors and subcontractors is getting paid.  Fortunately, a powerful remedy exists in the New Jersey Prompt Payment Act.  A recent appellate court decision examined frameup-225x300the New Jersey Prompt Payment Act in the case of Jo-Med Contracting Corp. vs. City of Linden.


The City of Linden contacted Jo-Med to submit a bid for emergency repair work on approximately 20 feet of sewer repair, together with approximately 30 feet of related curb replacement.  Jo-Med submitted a bid for $25,000 based on the job description provided by the City engineer; the bid stated that the cost would be higher if Jo-Med ran into unforeseen problems not apparent in the City’s description, in which case it would bill the City on a time and materials basis.  Jo-Med was awarded the contract.  The City’s engineer told Jo-Med’s owner that he would “work with him for additional charges to finish the work.”

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